11:00am – I’ve searched the web for a funny looking photo of George bush that makes him look a little childish and frustrated. I think I found a good hit here where he is in fact also wearing a safety helmet with his name on it. Using this as a guideline will give of the young feel of when you were young you used to dress up as what you were playing with.

11:30am – I started by just outlining the whole shape of his head and body with a thick 3 pt brush. I also started painting the controller with in his grasp. I took a different route to drawing this to experiment as I wanted it to stand out it had to be a slight different style to the rest of the illustration.

16:15pm – Again with the outline I had expanded the strokes so that they would be responsive when I adjust the size of the illustration. I’ve used three different brushes for the controller due to getting the detail and shape of it.

17:10pm – Finished the outlines of the illustration and will move on to colouring in and going to a little more detail tomorrow.