17:00pm- This one’s a quick and fairly easy one as that all I am doing is editing a few bits from the original version. I want the illustration to still look slightly human so I’m not going to go too over the top as people may get a little confused as to what has happened. Anyway as i explained the other day that I merged all the colours in to shapes so it’d make it easier for me to edit in the future? Well here is the near future where its going to help me out. I need to change the skin colour and hair colour of the queen and also the eyes so I simply checked the layer selected the blobs of colour and changed them from there instead of starting the colouring from scratch which would waste a fair amount of time.

18:30pm – Now I am adding some little outlined circular shapes in a different shade of green to represent the scales on the skin though I am going to keep the opacity fairly low as I don’t want the illustration to be too complicated.

19:00pm – To finish off this edit I felt the need to remove the ears, replace the nose, replace the mouth and place a tail in there somewhere. I did this as that changing the skin colour and hair colour wouldn’t be as effective as it would if I added the other things to it. The mouth had to be wide open to show some sort of terror to the portrait. I changed the colour of the hair as if it were going mouldy to a horrid gunky green colour to make it look a little more dingy.


20:11pm – Finished illustration, no further adjustments will be necessary.