12:00pm – Beginning by looking up a few videos to give myself a few tips and tricks in order to work a little more quicker and to understand the tools.

Got all the equipment set up and ready to start.

13:30pm – Began by using my drawing pad to trace over a photo of the queen, picture below for proof.


I have gone with the paint brush tool to get more flow within the illustration and it works out a little quicker. I find the pen tool can make the illustration look a little too stiff and jagged.

I’ve been using layers a lot within this document due to the fact that it is going to be full of different elements. I’ve used a slightly thiner brush for detail on the face and hair.

17:15pm – I’m now moving on to colouring in each part of the queen here starting with the hair and crown, the crown being fairly tedious. once I filled it in with colour I selected all the colour strokes and expanded them, doing so lets me readjust the size of the illustration as to if you leave it gaps will appear. I also merged all the separate expanded colours into one so it became more of a shape.


20:00pm – I have found using the paint brush tool very handy and is really easy to work with when it comes to making minor mistakes as you can see above where I have overlapped areas I can simply take the white pointer tool and edit the anchors of each individual paint brush line. Doing this across the whole illustration has been very tedious but it was fairly quick to do and with a bit of practise it will be more natural for me to do it quicker.

20:45pm – Finished first illustration of the queen but may need to make a few changes later on.