I’m going to be going into a little research in to how I’m going to illustrate these conspiracy theories. The image below gives a few examples on how to approach the matter, the style that I’m wanting to go for is slightly Disney and a tiny bit of south park and family guy.


I want to use simple colours with hardly any shading involved as I want the work to look very young and to look as if it’s aimed towards children, though instead the content within is for adults. I want this style to express the stupidity and childish imagination of the conspiracy theories that I have chose.

I’m also thinking of using the outlines like the Marvel style, steering clear of the shape use in the south park style. I’m looking at the Disney style and south park style more for the colour usage and kind of the flow of the Disney style, which gives off a natural look.

I believe the other styles within the picture above would come across as possibly too child like and also will be more specific to a certain type of audience as to the ones that I have chosen, the styles have a huge range of audience.

Now I’m going to take off to journaling the productions of my illustrations in a formation of entries.