Another blog about a touchy subject here so again I apologise in advance if this does offend anyone and would like to say this is not my opinion on this matter. So with this page I wanted to give out a comic book kind of style, with George in one scenario box and the incident in another at a larger scale. The aim of this illustration is to show George getting frustrated with a remote control that is suppose to control a toy plane that is not working and is instead controlling the plane that is heading towards the twin towers.


I was experimenting with his facial expression as I want that to be one of the key points of the illustration showing that he is getting frustrated and is struggling. Also putting the helmet on him shows he’s inner child coming out as you’d see children like to dress as what their idea’s are imagining for example a police car, the child would wear a police hat? In this scenario George is wearing an army hat while trying to play with his remote army plane.

Initially I was going to make this page interactive making it so that the viewer can save the hundreds of innocent lives by moving the slider that would make the plane miss the towers. Though like I keep saying this subject is way too sketchy to even be working on from the first place so I will keep it non interactive.

Next I will be looking at a few different types of cartoon illustration to give me some inspiration on how I should style my work.