So with me I’m not so great at sketching ideas down quick so the quality of these illustrations are pretty terrible but I’m still putting them down on paper to give out a clearer vision of my idea.

I’ve sketched a couple of ideas on how I am going to lay this illustration out in a book. Like I said within one of my previous blogs that I was looking at getting the image to change every time you move the book back and forth. Though I feel that this method will reduce the quality within the image and will be quite expensive to mass produce.

So my other option was to have another page to break the transition up with some kind of warning page to not go beyond the page, this will indeed make the viewers feel curious as to what is on the other side of the page. The break page will have some kind of police tape wrapped around it saying something along the lines of “Warning – Do not enter”.

The illustration of the Queen will be placed in a very simple illustration of a gold frame within some royal gallery. I will be taking an image of the Queen herself and will work from that as guidelines of how she should look.