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January 2017

Dinosaurs helped build Pyramids – Journal Entry 10


19:00pm – I’ve been thinking about the semiotics of the illustration I have created and I feel I need to make it more clear that the dinosaurs are working for a building business. So I think I am going to go with adding an armband with the logo on it of the company and also place the logo on the wheelbarrows that are within the illustration.


19:15pm – So you can see here that I have placed the band around the top of the dinosaurs thigh instead of his arm as you wouldn’t really be able to see it as the arms on a T rex are pretty small!


19:40pm – I have also added done what’d I said at the beginning of this post and have added the logo to the wheelbarrows.

19:45pm – I now believe that I have finished this illustration and I now just need to finish off the George Bush one and think about printing options.


The Reptilian Elite – Journal Entry 9


13:00pm – Right so now it’s time to set these illustrations up in a posh gallery way, I’m going to start off with the broken version with the queen being in lizard form. So here I have built a glass sheet to cover the photograph and have placed the illustration on a white border with Queen Elizabeth II placed underneath. To make the object look more like glass I added a gradient of a very low opacity in to transparent.



14:30pm – moving on to the frame this was a pretty tedious job but I made half of the object then copied and pasted it, reflected it to make it completely symmetrical.


16:15pm – To finish this one off I made it as if the whole frame had fell apart with a scratch where the name was with graffiti over it saying “ELIZARDbeth” This works well I feel and brings in that humour I wanted to achieve.


16:30pm – I placed the illustrations into one group and put them on to a dark grey background with a slight transparency.

19:00pm – For the other version of the illustration I just tidied everything up, made the background white and clear, removed the scratch effect from the glass and the graffiti. The outcome was the following.


Dinosaurs helped build Pyramids – Journal Entry 8


15:00pm – Today I’m going to be looking at bringing in the wheelbarrow to the illustration. I kept the same style as the dinosaur to keep it consistent and due to the fact that the background is going to be a different style. I want these illustrations to only have a maximum of 2 styles within.

16:30pm – Now that the illustration is done I am going to be looking at setting up the scene, I wanted the background to be as simple as possible to bring the dinosaur illustrations more to the main point of view but also keeping a balance on what is happening in this again comic book scene.


17:00pm – I felt the need to add another dinosaur to the scene as it looked too empty. I also added another wheelbarrow upside down to show that one of the other dinosaurs are on a break.

18:00pm – Moving on to creating a real quick logo for these guys as I wanted to make it look as if they’re a building company back in that era. I took inspiration from the flintstones cartoon with the type they use within the title, very chunky and blocky looking. I also placed a silhouette of a dinosaur within the D as the main element of the logo.


19:30pm – I feel that this illustration is now complete and will start finishing up the other two.

Dinosaurs helped build Pyramids – Journal Entry 7


12:25pm – Starting on my dinosaur concept today and going to make a very simple illustration of a T rex, why a T rex do you ask? Because they were the most intimidating ones out of the lot. To see these guys being bossed about building pyramids would be pretty funny.

13:00pm – I wanted to get the detail within the dinosaur to match the skin colour and not to really stand out a lot in black so I changed the colour. I also left space for where I could put a safety cap to add to the comedy side of it. I did slightly the same technique as I did with Bush’s controller.


14:00pm – With the illustration I’m going to make them look a little more friendly by removing the top teeth so they look stupid, to match with the stupidity of the theory and their claws look less deadly so they look as if they’re actually the least intimidating out of the lot.

14:30pm – Moving on to colouring the dino in I had to go find an image online of a T rex to get the colour accurate. Using the same techniques as I have been in the last two illustrations I started to colour in using a few techniques too from the youtube video.


15:15pm – Finished Dinosaur illustration, needs wheel barrel to be added with background.




George Bush did 9/11 – Journal Entry 6


14:00pm – So I’m beginning to experiment with the opacity of the shading and it’s not going too well seeing as that if I do so the 2 shading colours collide and is making it very distorted in a way. I have looked at different colours too but the shaping of the shading is what’s bringing it down. I feel the need to look up tips and tricks on shading so I’m going to head on to youtube to find out.

15:30pm – Watching video. WordPress is not allowing me to link the video in but the title is Character in Adobe Illustrator by Brandon Green.

16:15pm – After watching this very useful video I have gained some techniques in the use of the blob brush and the useful contribution of path finders to fill colours in a lot easier and quicker. I have also learnt a lot on how to use shading correctly though like I have said before I am not going to use shading for a few reasons that I have explained in the previous blog post.

17:00pm – So yes there it is my decision making has led me to this but I am so glad that I checked that video out and it will help me out a lot in the future I’m sure.



George Bush did 9/11 – Journal Entry 5


11:30am – Currently at work and have been doubting the shading on mister Bush for a while now. The skin just does not look right at all, as I’ve mentioned in the previous post it makes him look dirty. I’m going to experiment a little with the different shades of skin colour to see if it’ll still work or not but I feel that it won’t. I also feel that I shouldn’t add shading as that it will not go with the style of the previous illustration and I don’t want that, I want the consistency so that the readers know that these are all done by the same illustrator without me having to inform them.

When I get back home I will experiment with shading.


George Bush did 9/11 – Journal Entry 4


15:00pm – I’m going to be starting to colour in the illustration now on the face and helmet. I’m going to colour pick an area of his face from the photo and use this just as a starting point on how his skin would turn out.


As you can see I am going slightly over the other elements of the illustration but this does not matter as that the skin layer is going to be the bottom layer, Just as long as I don’t go over the thick outline of the shape.

16:30pm – Now I have realised something, I have found that the skin tone is way too dark.


So this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to again select all the elements on the skin layer, locking the over layers so that they don’t get in the way and I am going to expand and merge them together. Like I’ve done in the past this makes it a hell of a lot easier to edit parts of the illustration. Below is a run through of me doing it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

17:45pm – I’ve been thinking on whether or not to shade in the the colour of this illustration but am not sure on an easy way to do this making it look natural. I’m attempting to do just the skin and it just does not look right.


It has worked well on the helmet though which I am pleased about as it shows the shape more.


The shading on his face I feel makes him look dirty but I will think about whether or not to remove the shading or not.

George Bush did 9/11 – Journal Entry 3


11:00am – I’ve searched the web for a funny looking photo of George bush that makes him look a little childish and frustrated. I think I found a good hit here where he is in fact also wearing a safety helmet with his name on it. Using this as a guideline will give of the young feel of when you were young you used to dress up as what you were playing with.

11:30am – I started by just outlining the whole shape of his head and body with a thick 3 pt brush. I also started painting the controller with in his grasp. I took a different route to drawing this to experiment as I wanted it to stand out it had to be a slight different style to the rest of the illustration.

16:15pm – Again with the outline I had expanded the strokes so that they would be responsive when I adjust the size of the illustration. I’ve used three different brushes for the controller due to getting the detail and shape of it.

17:10pm – Finished the outlines of the illustration and will move on to colouring in and going to a little more detail tomorrow.

The Reptilian Elite – Journal Entry 2


17:00pm- This one’s a quick and fairly easy one as that all I am doing is editing a few bits from the original version. I want the illustration to still look slightly human so I’m not going to go too over the top as people may get a little confused as to what has happened. Anyway as i explained the other day that I merged all the colours in to shapes so it’d make it easier for me to edit in the future? Well here is the near future where its going to help me out. I need to change the skin colour and hair colour of the queen and also the eyes so I simply checked the layer selected the blobs of colour and changed them from there instead of starting the colouring from scratch which would waste a fair amount of time.

18:30pm – Now I am adding some little outlined circular shapes in a different shade of green to represent the scales on the skin though I am going to keep the opacity fairly low as I don’t want the illustration to be too complicated.

19:00pm – To finish off this edit I felt the need to remove the ears, replace the nose, replace the mouth and place a tail in there somewhere. I did this as that changing the skin colour and hair colour wouldn’t be as effective as it would if I added the other things to it. The mouth had to be wide open to show some sort of terror to the portrait. I changed the colour of the hair as if it were going mouldy to a horrid gunky green colour to make it look a little more dingy.


20:11pm – Finished illustration, no further adjustments will be necessary.



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