Recently I wrote a blog about ideas on how I would illustrate the fake moon landing but now I feel that I don’t think it will follow the style of my previous ideas. It wont fit in well I feel and will be a fair challenge to draw it all up without having to image trace stock licensed photographs which I want to keep to an absolute minimum.

So with my new conspiracy theory it is completely out of this world insane and was found under a list of the most hilariously stupid conspiracy theories (that people actually do believe!). This one really did stand out from the lot and I found it absolutely brilliant and thought it would go so well with my other stupid theories. The theory being is that dinosaurs helped build the pyramids!

It’s a complete WHACK theory but that just tops the cherry on the cake for my three illustrations. With this illustration though I don’t think I will be able to make it so interactive which I don’t mind as that it will give the pages variety of all sorts of viewing options whether they just want to look and engage in the illustrations or if they want to engage physically.

I feel that the pages I will be creating will be aimed towards young adults and will certainly not be aimed towards children though it may have the style for that audience it wont be. It will be like a drawing book for adults kind of thing, styled towards kids but actually aimed at adults due to the content, though it is not strong content it can give of a sense of brainwashing.