For my 9/11 conspiracy I’m thinking of having an illustration in the same style as my Reptilian one but in a comic book style. The aim is to have George Bush in one scene looking like he’s struggling to operate a remote control airplane. Within the other scene you will see the twin towers in the city of New York and a plane in which the viewer can interact with to bring the plane into the building or to divert it away.

This subject is going to be a bit of a tough one as that it is a touchy subject to a lot of people and I want everyone to understand and get this clear that I do not find 9/11 a joke and it was seriously disturbing and that I’m not trying to take the piss out of the whole situation.

I’m thinking that this whole illustration will be spread across two pages possible or it will be laid across one page horizontally. The reason being is because it’s going to be a slightly big illustration and the main part of the illustration is going to be focused on George Bush being the main illustration as that the city is going to be incredibly hard to illustrate I may design a collage like backdrop for this and bring in some photo manipulation skills.

With George I want a good impression on his face to show of an emotion of frustration and I want to give off a child feel to him as if he is a kid playing with toys like you’d see in a family’s back garden with a child playing with his cool new remote control vehicle.

Again with the illustration style I dont want to make it too detailed but still make it slightly realistic.

From this blog forth I am now going to start by putting these ideas onto paper. I will be experimenting with a few different layouts on how I’ll approach the illustration within Adobe Illustrator.