With one of my other conspiracy theory being about the moon landing being a hoax I have an interactive idea for the viewers. The idea is to get an illustration of the moon that I would create within photoshop as that this illustration will be more realistic and I will need a good variety of brushes. With the moon I will make it overlap outside of the page and will be spread out across two pages so it will result to working on an A4 piece. The viewer will then be able to open up the moon to see what is behind it which will then reveal a film set with a director and his film crew giving orders to an actor on a set of the moon.

The illustration within the moon will be again cartoon and the reason being all of my illustration having this style I will go in to detail in a blog in the near future.

With this piece I believe it may take a while to illustrate the whole set so I may go onto finding a stock image from the web to use but I will make a final decision when I come to the time.