For my first illustration I want to make it look funky and funny, it is to be a cartoon and not a realistic illustration. Within the brief it says to make it as funky and wacky as possible, I believe that you cannot top this off with a realistic illustration as that you are limited to colour options and shapes. When illustrating cartoons you have a lot less limits and what I will do is I will most probably sketch an idea at first then work from a photograph as that I am going to be cartooning The great member of the royal family, the Queen!

The reason to why I have chose the queen is that she’s the most recognisable out of the lot and a vast majority of people think of the Queen when you mention the royal family. Though it may be a bit cliche I feel that this will give me a fair amount of options on how I am going to approach the illustration.

My aim for this illustration is to first illustrate a portrait of the queen and then take the same illustration and turn it into something nasty being a reptile. I think that I will include a fair amount of detail to the facial area but leave the details of her clothes out of the picture as that I want the viewers eyes to be focused on the face itself as that that’ll be the area that changes within the two images. What I would love to do is to have it on one page and as you move the page the image will then change into the other one though this may cost a bit of money taking into consideration that these would be getting mass produced but I will look into this printing method for the final outcome.

Once both the illustrations are produced I will look at options on how to present the portrait. I have an idea in mind as to having the portrait within a frame in a museum then in the reptile version of the portrait will have the frame unhooking off the wall with the portrait falling out of it’s cover and frame with the name at the bottom of the portrait “Queen Elizabeth II” scratched out to say “Queen ELIZARDbeth II”

This will give off a feeling that maybe the portrait at the museum was vandalised but asks the question “who vandalised it?” In matter of fact it may well have been the Queen or one of the members of the royal family. Also the holographic print effect would give off the feeling that it’s revealing the true identity of the Royal Family.

In my next post I will be going into my plans for illustrating my next conspiracy theory being that Bush did 9/11.