So  a new assessment has come into play just in time for the Christmas holidays. With this project it is part of the options portfolio meaning that what ever I done in the previous module within this portfolio I will have to work in the same way. In the previous module I had decided to take the illustrative route instead of the photographic route due to the fact that when I was younger I loved to draw and kind of grew out of it unfortunately.

Moving on to what the brief wants me to do it tells me the following;

The British Library is to hold a large exhibition called conspiracy theory, which explores how conspiracies- real of imagined – have shaped our culture and beliefs.

I will have to design an illustrated souvenir book to be sold at the exhibition. This means that I will have to create a minimum of 3 high quality images and that these images will be where my main grade will lie.

I am encouraged to think imaginatively and to make the designs and perhaps the book itself unusual and well thought through in terms of sparking the kind of excitement or dis belief associated with conspiracy theories. This may manifest in terms of my designs for the books format, layouts and images.

The book will also have to be reproducible at a mass scale so this will have to be taken into consideration. However it should still be able to be defined as graphic design. I will have to keep the page count small enough to be manageable and will most probably have the book in a size format of A5.

In my blogs I will be having to show design processes that I am aware of the role of an illustrator as well as taking on the role of a graphic designer and putting the entire book design together.

I will have to be sure and show evidence that all work produced is mine and none of it is reproduction. Though it does mention that I may use a small proportion of found images for collage or montage which I may use for backgrounds for my illustrations.

I will have to create research journals on how I have been working on my illustrations going through thought processes and developing techniques.