Here is where I’m going to share with you my example of what I feel is a good pitch for the fruit factory client.


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When you go to a place where you’re going to be for a while you want to be happy about the area. The factory looks pretty dull. There is a lot of space for potential things to liven up the place.

The idea for the group was to create an Employee of the month scheme.

Livening up the place with some kind of fruit mascots as well as employee of the month.

The fruit mascots give off the thought that the fruit have feelings too. Showing emotion as if they were being dropped on the floor – rather sad, worried, at the end of their life over a silly mistake. The aim here is to manage to make the staff give the fruit some sympathy.

An idea of placing motivational quotes around the factory will be good to get the workers in the spirit to compete in the wastebuster of the month competition.

With the artwork I wanted to keep the colours of the logo and take them into the factory as you give off a very colourful vibe yet the factory is so plain.

Vinyl stickers could be placed on the floors walls and possibly chopping boards?

The wastebuster of the month wall art will be placed in the staff lounge. Includes bright colours to liven up the lounge.