Here I am going to be going through some of the changes I made with the faces for the apple and a change over as to how I will present the message towards the staff.

So here you see my original version of the apple with the first idea of the smiley face though I didn’t feel so satisfied as to how happy it looked so I thought the need to change it only slightly.

With the first version the smile looks nervous and not so much natural so instead a made the eyes slightly smaller and made the eye ball more oval. This looks more natural and is easily judged as a happy emotion with no confusion. I want the illustrations to be as simple as possible as that people from many different cultures will be viewing these.

I also felt the need to change the area of where i’ll be placing the quote at the speech bubble may be a bit too cliche. I wanted to include elements of their logo into these designs so I did with the use of their colours and shape techniques and this is the result.


The white section where the text is will acted like a jigsaw piece where the client will be able to change the quotes weekly. I did this to bring the colour from what they show to their clients into the factory so the staff feel the same as how their clients will feel seeing the place as a friendly and colourful place.