Here I am going to go forth and generate the sketches I had drew up in the last post on to Adobe illustrator.

I wet to start with the apple idea, this post is just to back up that it is my own work and why I made the decisions I made during the process.

So I started with a simple circle and added a few anchor points to manipulate the shape, it started to look a bit jagged so I used the smoother tool to smoothen out the points. I wanted to go for a pink lady apple look so I placed a gradient on the apple to give off a 3D look.

Next I went on to creating the face for the apple avatar. It had to look sweet and innocent, very happy and healthy. Doing so is to give off a friendly vibe to the work place with happy animations and bright colours to bring life to the factory. If you were to see a cartoon that is unhappy then it may put you in a bad mood but with a smile it can send off a good mood to whoever see’s it.


I also added a shadow to show its posture. Moving on to how i was going to implement the speech coming from the fruit I felt like using a speech bubble as it’s simple and easily read.


So why Apple Bottom Bob do you ask? Well it gives off a sense of humour and has a slight rhythm to it. The avatars will change weekly so I probably wouldn’t be thinking of the names, only doing the illustrations. This is just an example of how I’d want the team to name the avatars that I create.

I wanted these illustrations to be simple and bold. I didn’t want to add a lot of details to these illustrations as that the workers there see fruit day in and day out so I doubt they’d want to see full on detailed illustrations of fruit on the walls.