Now for this brief we are to choose from two routes to follow to get the grade. I love both illustration and photography so this one is a hard choice. The lectures say that we can use both but you have to concentrate more on the one you chose so lets say I chose photography I’d be able to use a little illustration on top but the main piece should be the photography. So here are the expected outcomes of both routes:


Subject specific learning outcomes:

(1) Critically explored the role of general and specific research to inform an illustrative solution in relation to a given brief.

(2) Produced one or more research journal containing both visual and verbal material that evaluates and analyses the student’s illustrative processes and developing illustrative techniques.

(3) Produced a series of research journals containing both visual and verbal material that has been critically evaluated and analysed in relation to the student’s illustrative practical and creative techniques and processes.

(4) Demonstrated via research journals and final pieces an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience or illustrative category.

generic learning outcomes:

(1) Demonstrated an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience.

(2) Developed and experimented with appropriate media, aesthetics and visual language. Evidenced by means of research journals and final illustrations.

(3) Explored and documented the relationship between the individual’s research and practice.


Subject specific:

(1) Developed an understanding of different historical approaches to photography and the historical and cultural debates relevant to the medium.

(2) Explored concepts within visual culture in general and related these concepts to photography and examined a range of photographic genres.

(3) Developed a knowledge of technological developments in photography.

(4) Created practical work relating to various concepts and genres of photography.

(5) Developed their skills of visual, written and oral communication.


(1) Gained knowledge by carrying out relevant research.

(2) Created practical work of a high professional standard using a range of photographic equipment, techniques and materials.

(3) Taken part in discussion and expressed opinions upon and analysis of a range of topics.

(4) Evaluated their own work and the work of others in relation to concepts in photography.

After looking at these outcomes I feel like I want to go down the illustration route as that is my preferred way to work and I know more about it than I do photography. I would love to learn more about photography though I don’t feel that I have the right equipment for it.

Illustration will be great for me as that when I was a kid I used to love drawing and I really want to go on to developing this skill further as I haven’t really focused on complex illustration.