In this post I am going to talk a little bit about who the target audience is going to be and who they are personally. This will be just a small post.

Right so the target audience is of course all the workers at the factory including the managers to be honest as that you don’t want it all bundled  into one line of work which would maybe set a misunderstanding.

The people we are dealing with here aren’t all english, there are a few languages that linger in the workplace so there is going to be some kind of language barrier. This is a huge consideration to how the campaign would work. If we were to include like a video or something with words in it we would have to make sure we use very simple and common english and not so much. Lets say we make a video, we’d need a lot of visuals to back up what we are saying.

Moving on to the managing line, these guys are probably the most needed to improve as that they’re the ones in charge. They need to help the other staff to achieve more and work towards something special, with that help and relationship the other workers will work at a better performance. I believe that the managing line are mostly english, so they can simply read up on a brief for them to change the way they work.

Though I’m not entirely sure if this is accurate as to who the workers are deep down I feel that this has given me a benefit as to how to create my campaign around slight obstacles that could get in the way.