As a group we had finally came to a decision as to what our campaign will be. We went on to choosing to upgrade their staff lounge, introducing a employee of the month scheme, adding colour to the factory and motivational quotes and finally updating some of the machines there.

According to some of the students who managed to speak to the manager did say that they are willing to put money into it so that would cover the small upgrade to the staff lounge. We’d be looking at bringing in a television, Wi-Fi, heating, comfy chairs, smoking area, colour, a healthy canteen supplied with their own food and big windows with a nice outside view.

There is one problem though as that we want to bring in a healthy canteen to it but that would involve bringing in new staff in order to run the canteen. The canteen would serve food which is prepared by the staff while they’re working, the food pots will be picked randomly which will again motivate them to be careful with the way they work. I work with food in my part time job and if I’m going to eat from there which I usually always do I’d make sure to be careful with the food keeping it in it’s best quality.

With the employee of the month scheme it wouldn’t so much be judged on a variety of performances it’d be judged on just one and that is the production of waste per individual. Every member of staff gets given a container at the beginning of their shift and they have to put whatever they drop into the container, the container is then weighed up at the end of their shift which then will tally up to the end of the month. The person with the least amount wins and is awarded with the wastebuster of the month and will win some sort of prize worth up to £150. This campaign is based on if the staff are all full time. If there are part timers then they’d have to tally it all up and work it out based on hours worked and wastage produced then work out a percent from that, whoever has the least percentage wins.

Upgrading the machines are a simple solution and reasonably cheap, the only thing I can see that will need action to is that they should attach barriers to the conveyer belts to stop the fruit from rolling off onto the floor.

Motivational quotes will be placed on the walls within the factory and on chopping boards, they will also be changed a few times a month just to keep it interesting. The quotes will be bold and placed on a colourful background (a colour from their logo).

We’ve split our selves up to now create a visual each on an allocated part of this campaign, I have been given the responsibility of the employee of the month sketch up, I will be creating this quickly as its only a visual and will be showing this in my next blog. I will also be backing up my choices on how I design it.