Here I’m going to be talking about my favourite ideas out of the bunch and start to look into it more independently seeing as that this brief is not a group assignment.

The idea that I am most keen in is the staff lounge upgrade which will include a few of the others in the campaign including adding images and colour to the factory (may have to look into this due to health and safety issues), motivational quotes placed around the factory and introducing a hall of fame scheme. The reason as to why I’m up for the idea of changing the staff lounge is because it matters so much! If the lounge is dull and boring it’s going to give off an incredibly bad atmosphere as if the staff feel like they’re in some kind of prison camp. Now I’m not entirely sure on what their staff lounge looks like as that I personally haven’t been to the factory myself but from what I’ve heard it is very dull and silent.

My idea of a perfect lounge area would be a list of things.

  • Comfy sofas
  • Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Healthy canteen supplied with their products at a greatly reduced price
  • Coffee machine
  • Light colours
  • Heating
  • Smoking area
  • Pictures
  • Windows with a good view
  • Well looked after staff toilets

I know that each member will only be spending at least an hour in there but it’s showing that the management care a lot for their staff, if this is done correctly then the staff should take more care into their work. To back this theory up I am going to be creating a survey to hand out around my work place to try and understand what they’d want to have to make them work harder. I work in a supermarket so this will be great and fairly similar to their situation.

Now I also understand that the waste is not only produced by the staff but also the machinery within the factory. I noticed in a few pictures the conveyer belt has no kind of guard to protect the fruit from falling off, this can be so easily prevented with a small mod to the machines by installing a metal sheet that is only an inch or so high to stop them falling like so in this quick sketch.


Doing this independent brainstorming has prepared me for once we split from our groups and has also given me a better understanding as to what I want my idea of a campaign to be like.