So today we were placed into groups to get some ideas on what the campaign should be for the fruit factory to decrease there amount of waste on a yearly basis. We started by seeing who our target audience may be. We found out that mostly all the staff there are foreign so there is going to be some kind of language barrier there. So it was clear that our audience is in fact the workers who come in and out of the factory who are also the hands on people who should be the most cautious people in the workplace.

The campaign had to be clear and very easy to understand as to what we are trying to get at. Ideas popped up like; playing music in the workspace; starting an employee of the month kind of scheme; birthday celebrations (making the staff feel like they mean something more to the company); bringing colour and imagery to the facility as that it is so dull there; upgrading the staff lounge, again due to the fact of dullness; introducing lunch break events; having motivational quotes placed around the factory to make the workers feel like they’re doing a good thing by reducing the amount of waste and having some kind of point system put in place to make them friendly compete with one another, possibly in shift groups as that there are three different shift slots.

Now some of these ideas wouldn’t really work in such a workplace such as the music idea due to the machinery being so loud and also one of the students who visited did ask why there was no music and the owner replied that it’s a hard thing to do as that the variety of cultures there is vast and it would be simply impossible to please them all at once with a music taste and of course the language within lets say radio stations.

Another idea that kind of flew down the drain was the birthday celebration one, as it’s still fairly potential of doing in the future it would be pointless doing at the moment due to the amount of staff that come and go.

The key to make this whole thing work we need to make this place feel like home and get everybody there bonding like a family so that it makes them want to stay.

We will be looking in to the ideas in a bit more depth in my next blog post.