This brief is not as yet fully formed as my lecturers are still negotiating with the client and other people from the fruit factory.

We are having to work with a fruit factory who sort out quality of stock to go out to well known supermarkets. They’re not happy with how much waste they are producing and they want to crack down even harder on this. Our aim is to do so but we need to be thinking of a certain campaign and who to aim this campaign towards.

A few of the other students went to check out the place and were saying that it’s a very dull place but smells amazing, obviously with the mass supply of sweet fruit! Now there is plenty of wall space to show posters and have some sort of screens placed on. There is also equipment around the warehouse that the workers use all the time which we could take into consideration on where to show our campaigns if it were a picture, poster, infographic etc.

The workers there don’t speak much English so we will have to keep that in mind on if we were to include typography, we’ll have to keep simple English involved. Also no one has an idea on how much these workers get paid which may affect their working standards which indeed us students will not be able to change this. Though it is not only the workers it is also the machinery that is rather poor of how it works, they may need some working on.

So long story short, the workers at the fruit factory aren’t keeping up with the companies standards but they are fast workers. I will need to think of a campaign that will make the amount of waste crack down to a minimum as they are losing a fair amount of income.