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November 2016

The Pitch


Here is where I’m going to share with you my example of what I feel is a good pitch for the fruit factory client.


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When you go to a place where you’re going to be for a while you want to be happy about the area. The factory looks pretty dull. There is a lot of space for potential things to liven up the place.

The idea for the group was to create an Employee of the month scheme.

Livening up the place with some kind of fruit mascots as well as employee of the month.

The fruit mascots give off the thought that the fruit have feelings too. Showing emotion as if they were being dropped on the floor – rather sad, worried, at the end of their life over a silly mistake. The aim here is to manage to make the staff give the fruit some sympathy.

An idea of placing motivational quotes around the factory will be good to get the workers in the spirit to compete in the wastebuster of the month competition.

With the artwork I wanted to keep the colours of the logo and take them into the factory as you give off a very colourful vibe yet the factory is so plain.

Vinyl stickers could be placed on the floors walls and possibly chopping boards?

The wastebuster of the month wall art will be placed in the staff lounge. Includes bright colours to liven up the lounge.






Final designs screenshots


Here is my own take of a logo for the campaign, also included in this blog post are screenshots of all my final design pieces.


In my next post I will be sharing with you my Pitch towards the client, slideshow and notes that I will be reading from during the presentation.

Other fruit avatars


Here I am going to be showing the other fruit avatars that I made for this project. I followed the same design process as I did with the Apple, this is because they all had to keep the same kind of style. Throughout the fruit I found the banana the hardest to deal with as that I couldn’t really fit a face in to how I wanted to so I had to compromise making the banana have a very wide face. The good thing about this though is that it again brings humour to the viewers as it does look oddly funny.

Adding in the fruit falling will be big vinyl stickers stuck to the floors where the staff work so that when they look on to the floor they’ll see an upset emotion to the fruits that they are preparing for their “heaven/home”. This is a technique I’m using to back up the argument that the fruit have feelings too.

Below are the final avatars and put together within a quote template.



Redesign on first version


Here I am going to be going through some of the changes I made with the faces for the apple and a change over as to how I will present the message towards the staff.

So here you see my original version of the apple with the first idea of the smiley face though I didn’t feel so satisfied as to how happy it looked so I thought the need to change it only slightly.

With the first version the smile looks nervous and not so much natural so instead a made the eyes slightly smaller and made the eye ball more oval. This looks more natural and is easily judged as a happy emotion with no confusion. I want the illustrations to be as simple as possible as that people from many different cultures will be viewing these.

I also felt the need to change the area of where i’ll be placing the quote at the speech bubble may be a bit too cliche. I wanted to include elements of their logo into these designs so I did with the use of their colours and shape techniques and this is the result.


The white section where the text is will acted like a jigsaw piece where the client will be able to change the quotes weekly. I did this to bring the colour from what they show to their clients into the factory so the staff feel the same as how their clients will feel seeing the place as a friendly and colourful place.

First attempt on the wall art


Here I am going to go forth and generate the sketches I had drew up in the last post on to Adobe illustrator.

I wet to start with the apple idea, this post is just to back up that it is my own work and why I made the decisions I made during the process.

So I started with a simple circle and added a few anchor points to manipulate the shape, it started to look a bit jagged so I used the smoother tool to smoothen out the points. I wanted to go for a pink lady apple look so I placed a gradient on the apple to give off a 3D look.

Next I went on to creating the face for the apple avatar. It had to look sweet and innocent, very happy and healthy. Doing so is to give off a friendly vibe to the work place with happy animations and bright colours to bring life to the factory. If you were to see a cartoon that is unhappy then it may put you in a bad mood but with a smile it can send off a good mood to whoever see’s it.


I also added a shadow to show its posture. Moving on to how i was going to implement the speech coming from the fruit I felt like using a speech bubble as it’s simple and easily read.


So why Apple Bottom Bob do you ask? Well it gives off a sense of humour and has a slight rhythm to it. The avatars will change weekly so I probably wouldn’t be thinking of the names, only doing the illustrations. This is just an example of how I’d want the team to name the avatars that I create.

I wanted these illustrations to be simple and bold. I didn’t want to add a lot of details to these illustrations as that the workers there see fruit day in and day out so I doubt they’d want to see full on detailed illustrations of fruit on the walls.


Photography or Illustration?


Now for this brief we are to choose from two routes to follow to get the grade. I love both illustration and photography so this one is a hard choice. The lectures say that we can use both but you have to concentrate more on the one you chose so lets say I chose photography I’d be able to use a little illustration on top but the main piece should be the photography. So here are the expected outcomes of both routes:


Subject specific learning outcomes:

(1) Critically explored the role of general and specific research to inform an illustrative solution in relation to a given brief.

(2) Produced one or more research journal containing both visual and verbal material that evaluates and analyses the student’s illustrative processes and developing illustrative techniques.

(3) Produced a series of research journals containing both visual and verbal material that has been critically evaluated and analysed in relation to the student’s illustrative practical and creative techniques and processes.

(4) Demonstrated via research journals and final pieces an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience or illustrative category.

generic learning outcomes:

(1) Demonstrated an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience.

(2) Developed and experimented with appropriate media, aesthetics and visual language. Evidenced by means of research journals and final illustrations.

(3) Explored and documented the relationship between the individual’s research and practice.


Subject specific:

(1) Developed an understanding of different historical approaches to photography and the historical and cultural debates relevant to the medium.

(2) Explored concepts within visual culture in general and related these concepts to photography and examined a range of photographic genres.

(3) Developed a knowledge of technological developments in photography.

(4) Created practical work relating to various concepts and genres of photography.

(5) Developed their skills of visual, written and oral communication.


(1) Gained knowledge by carrying out relevant research.

(2) Created practical work of a high professional standard using a range of photographic equipment, techniques and materials.

(3) Taken part in discussion and expressed opinions upon and analysis of a range of topics.

(4) Evaluated their own work and the work of others in relation to concepts in photography.

After looking at these outcomes I feel like I want to go down the illustration route as that is my preferred way to work and I know more about it than I do photography. I would love to learn more about photography though I don’t feel that I have the right equipment for it.

Illustration will be great for me as that when I was a kid I used to love drawing and I really want to go on to developing this skill further as I haven’t really focused on complex illustration.


Mock ups


To give an idea on how my designs will look in the factory here are a couple of my final wall motivation quotes mocked up on one of the walls from the factory. I found it hard to mock the wastebuster of the month wall art as that it didn’t really fit in to the picture.

To mock the images up I had to first save them as SVG’s then transfer them over to photoshop where the image of the wall opened up. I then used Transform>Skew to edit the angles so it follows the wall.





Here I will show a few sketches I drew up on how I wanted to show my campaign. I still am undecided on which route to take either being photography or illustration. I have been looking into the brief and I feel like I may be heading towards the illustration route but I’ll make this decision in another blog post.

So below are the sketches, I had in mind to also create some kind of illustration of the fruit falling on to the floor to help make the staff think on how they work.


The reason for having the faces is to show emotions and to bring the workplace to life a little as that it is so dull there. these fruit avatars would act as some kind of mascot to the workplace.

I’m still not sure on whether to draw on top of photography or just straight up design these ideas in illustrator.

Survey on what makes people want to work harder


Here is a quick survey I had created to hand out to staff within my current workplace in order to try and get a feeling on what people would like for them to work more efficiently.


I gave these out to a total of 30 workers. the results are the following:

what is your usual shift?

  • Morning – 5
  • Day – 18
  • Evening – 3
  • Night – 4

Do you like the workplace?

  • Yes – 18
  • No – 12

Would you work harder if any good changes were to happen?

  • Yes – 27
  • No – 3

If yes which one of these changes would you like to take place?

  • Updated staff lounge – 7
  • A hall of fame – 9
  • Birthday celebrations – 0
  • A more appealing redesigned to the work place – 3
  • Pay rise – 11

I then decided to go out but take the pay rise idea off the survey and came back with these results. I did this because it was a little unrealistic and was fairly predictable that people would select it in a one selection question.

If yes which one of these changes would you like to take place?

  • Updated staff lounge – 9
  • A hall of fame – 17
  • Birthday celebrations – 1
  • A more appealing redesigned to the work place – 3

Doing this has helped me gain more knowledge on how I should go around with my campaign. As my workplace is probably a lot nicer and not as boring as this fruit factory I probably won’t take into account that my lot aren’t too fussed on the whole redesign area.

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