The visual communication/message of the piece met the need of the brief because of the way I researched about the history of branding and looked up for a lot of inspiration.


I may have failed a little to send the right message to the audience for taking the risk of going a different route for Bleus logo.

My strengths where with the typography choice within the logo design, also presenting the logo’s in their simplistic forms. Making the logos look clean and sharp works well.

My weakness would have been that I didn’t look so deep into the methods of branding. I’m going to be doing a little more researching into branding in my spare time.

My logo may have been experimented with a little more and I should have experimented more with my other options as that I think a couple of them may have turned out better.

I found my time keeping skills were well set out. I’m going to start a strict routine of blogging at least once a day.

I found my analysis on both parts of the briefs were done well and the brief itself felt so much like a real life situation.

I should have researched more like I said before, I will be researching into methods of branding but I think I got all of it together though.

I drew conclusion to the project by gathered my research and analysed it. I had to relate the research to my project, how branding works and how it fits into design and marketing is a huge key to understand and is always changing so you’ll never stop learning new ways of type.

I learnt from my mistakes, instead of evaluating my own work as I went along, I involved others as well to get an outside and professional point of view.

I blogged about my progress frequently and documented mostly everything I done. Although I could blog a little more on typography but I feel I have done enough.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was the design part and looking into other brands and seeing how they progressed to be so successful. I didn’t really have a part of the project that I didn’t enjoy.

Working with the software quick was my strong point. I love using computers for graphical designs.

Overall I enjoyed this project a lot and I wish I’d put more time into it. Also there was an issue once I printed my finals with the leading and the alignment on a few parts of the project.