In this post it contains my designs for both my business card and letterhead. The font I decided to use for my brand was a font that I had got from work experience that I had in the summer called RFHUnica which has three different varieties, light, medium and bold.


If I were to have an office I’d place the address in the gap on the back of the card, but for the time being it works fine as white space and balances out the content.

Below is my letterhead for my freelancing. I chose to place a footer to even out the colours on the top of the page. It is also professional to leave behind other contact details at the bottom so I decided to place them in the footer. The icons I used for the telephone, email and website are used to show that I prefer illustration over text and icons do liven things up. The icons are from a font group called FontAwesome.


In the next blog post I will be attaching high quality PDF’s to preview.