This was now the time to take from the sketch book and move over to the big screen. While sketching out a few ideas and looking back at my old sketches I decided to try something a little new with my signature as it looks rather pants at the moment as that I write it up when I was about twelve years old and I couldn’t have cared less back then! A few weeks before this brief I was thinking about doing so anyways and I had experimented different ways for a signature. As you saw in my recent sketches there was further more experimentation with some scribbles and I’m pretty keen on one from the sketch book that I’ve whipped up in illustrator using my drawing tablet (Was the easiest and quickest way I thought of doing this process). I then touched up upon a few rough edges to give it a nice flow motion to the right.


I then went along to using it as an element in one of my logo ideas which was to do my signature starting in a box to then finish outside of the box to represent that I am one to think outside the box, I thought this worked well because of that reason. Giving the box an outline instead of a fill gave it more of a clean look and with the golden gradient finish it makes the logo look professional though I still didn’t feel keen with it and it doesn’t really relate to my previous logo.


Now here I took the same approach I had a few months ago by taking the initials of Hilton Design and experimenting with them. I took the two and merged them together into one shape and divided the colour to then divide the two letters. Furthermore into experimentation I placed the signature within the shape to slice the object in half using the divide tool on pathfinder. Without the signature dividing the shape made it look too dull and bold, don’t get me wrong I’d love it to be bold and that is the aim but bold AND DULL is not a good combination!


I no longer felt the need to keep the grey areas of the logo as that it kind of hides the D and doesn’t make it so noticeable, doing so worked a treat and also made the signature fall off the shape which goes back to my first design at the beginning of this post that I think outside the box and there are no limits for my imagination (Showing the signature breaking free from the shape).


Now that I feel happy with the design in black and white it was now time to bring colours into play. These colours had to represent my personality and characteristics. The colours I chose were colourful and slightly vibrant to show that i’m an easily approached, kind and open minded free lancer who’s not afraid to not follow a crowd full of such basic ideas also the colours represent happy music such as dance music, hip hop and others. Below is the finalised version of my logo.