Right so I have in fact already branded myself with my logo for Hilton Design though I do feel the need to change it so for the project I’m going for a redesign or maybe just a revamped version of my old logo.

Though branding isn’t just all about designing a logo that looks nice, I will be having to find my inner self to pick out hobbies, how I work, what work I do and a few other facts about myself. like the brief said this is going to be fairly hard and also if I’m honest with my very own logo I’d want to spend a hell of a lot more time on it.

So this logo has to represent the style I work in and also my characteristics. I find myself a funny, kind and respecting guy and am also very open minded who will always think outside the box in any occasion. My hobbies are keeping fairly fit, producing music, photography and designing all sorts for adverts, businesses and others.

My work can vary between being fairly complex to being very simplistic. I feel a simplistic approach will show me in a right way, I want to go with fairly bright colours to show that I think out of the box and that I’m ready to take risks that can be successful with clients to explore a new type of new design. The colours will also represent my music taste so the logo will have a personal approach. I’m going to make sure that these colours are good for print and most importantly web use.

Below is my current logo. This is what I will be revamping.