Here I am going to be showing you the steps and decisions I made to create the final look of the logo.

So we’re starting off with the basic logo I created the other day and I’m going to be experimenting to try and make it more simple.


First off I wanted to bring some guitar strings into play to try and bring the guitar to life a little more. Below is what I’ve done.


I have also put another layer of the shape in order to lift the shape off the page a bit if you see what I mean? I feel though doing this makes it a little too complicated, there is far too much going on in this. The guitar strings wouldn’t work well with being printed on certain materials so I’ll have to scrap that idea with the strings.


Here I have gotten rid of the strings and have shrunk the shape down into a clean box dimension so it does not look disfigured. Next I am going to look at which font to use and why.

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These are my options, I wanted it to look professional and also fairly welcoming to match his music. It needed to be bold and stand out like Futura. I wanted to try a few others with more curve to bring out the country flow. I didn’t want to go for a Texas style font as I thought it would be too cheesy and it was!

The font I went for in the end was Felbridge std as that it had the boldness of Futura but didn’t come across as strong as that. Also the edges are nice and clean, I’m thinking of rounding the corners to ease it down a little to the audience like so.


I chose these colours to represent where he was from and from past experimentation on a previous blog.

The logo says to me now the initials of Bleu, his preferred instrument, and his national colours, I feel that this is strong enough to be a nice clean logo which is very simplistic because of the shapes used and the hidden elements within like the white space and that.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 21.16.23.png