After looking at some inspiration from other popular musicians logos I decided to experiment even further with some of my sketches and created a further two more to my collection of computer illustrated logos.


Although this is still in development this may be by far my pick from the lot as it says a lot about the musician (Bleu), it has both his initials embedded within, you can see some sort of guitar shape within the logo. It is also so simple and clean and looks good in just black and white. I may have to experiment further with this maybe inputting some strings to give away the guitar look, an outline to bring in a sporty look though I don’t want to brand him towards something else.


Here I experimented with colours from the Texas flag as that is where he is from and when you think of country music anyway you kind of think of Texas. I do feel that this again is too much and I don’t feel like it represents him so much as a musician. I do like the use of the paintbrush tool to give that rough look with the colours with the balance of a clean looking font to shape the main part of the logo being again his initials.