In order to start brainstorming a message for our PREVENT brief, we started writing down words that we associate with PREVENT & Radicalisation.

We agreed that the word PREVENT could have negative connotations, so listed words we wanted to connect with our audience – Empathy, Understanding, Connection, Prospective and Freedom of Speech.

We then combine these words into a slogan / Tag line for the message.


We thought this message would encourage a positive debate for people rather than instructing them what to do to prevent Terrorism.


Like the houses of Parliament, they have two sides to help them come to a conclusion.

“A solution is not created by one side alone”

When thinking about symbols we discussed what could show a connection and perspective – Hands, People.


We also had another idea to hand out free bottles of drink to the students of West Kent college with the labels advertising the prevent campaign website but felt that not all the students here would get a bottle of drink nor pay attention to the label.


Another idea was to create bookmarks which we’d hand out for free but again there are very few students at the college who read a lot to even use one. These ideas were great though I feel that it would work a lot better at an actual university site.


we stuck to creating a desktop background as a huge majority of the college use the computers here. In the next post I will show you some development photos and the finals.