Here I am experimenting with colours on my preferred logo idea. I wanted to test between pastel colours and normal colours to get an idea on how it’ll look in colour. Using colours of the Texas flag I experimented with what parts are what colour. I also had to see it in just plain black and white. I did notice something was not right though when they were in black and white which caused some kind of deformation within the joint of the two letters.

The colours were chosen from the Texas flag to show where Bleu was from. I had to find colours that weren’t too harsh on the eye. the top two coloured ones are the two that I wont be using as that they are in fact too strong. Using pastel colours eases it down but still makes the logo look appealing.

I’m feeling though now that using colour may be a bad idea as that his current website doesn’t really show that he is a colourful guy and also his music is country which doesnt go so much with such bright and primary colours.

I prefer the middle bottom one out of the lot because it works better with the red on the outside and the darker colour on the inside. It eases in to the logo too as it kind of contrasts in to the main part of the logo without such a harsh blend. I have also noticed that what is suppose to be blue isn’t and is in fact purple which I have changed in the screenshot below.