So the government requires all education institutions to deliver training on the Prevent campaign. This is the starting point of the government’s anti-terrorism agenda. West Kent College is aware that the posters for Prevent are boring and they have created a competition for all year groups (FE and HE) to deliver an alternative that will catch the interest of the audience the audience being the students of West Kent College.

The brief is to work with my classmates to create an interesting design to be an alternative to the current boring or muddling Prevent posters. The winning design will be made and used within the college though it does not need to be a poster like it currently is. As a group we will have to think carefully about the message and how your design conveys this.

We are to make our design idea by the end of tomorrow (Oct 4th) we should produce it. In any case we will have to produce a PDF (of no more than two A4 sides) that shows our ideas, or a clear visualisation of them, with notes and a short statement that describes the aim. PDF must be labelled with course name, year group and tutors (TB and SdeB) and a clear project title.