Here is the second part to my digitalisation of logos that I have created. Again I will be showing the screenshots and talking about my decisions I have made throughout the process and my final thoughts about them.


This was such a rough version and I knew straight away that if I were to involve a piece of music equipment it would make the logo far too busy. The guy is very quiet when he’s off tour and keeps himself to himself which would mean that he wouldn’t want a loud over crowded logo. I need to keep this professional and this is nowhere near. Like I said this was such a rough copy and was put together in just a few minutes just to experiment on.


With this experiment I thought to incorporate the E within the B. I also put in some lines to represent guitar strings as the B shape looked similar to a guitar’s body. Although this was a fairly good idea it became a little too busy with two colours and the use of strokes. If I were to size the logo fairly small it would get far too cramped.


I took a font that looked country like and simply just wrote Bleus name, it looks alright though it’s pretty much identical to his current logo.


I thought this was a pretty cool experiment the way I used a guitar head to blend in to the E and U. Again like the first one this was just a rough experiment and wanted to just play around. As it looks clear when it’s large it may become hard to read from a distance.