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October 2016

Evaluations & Reflections


The visual communication/message of the piece met the need of the brief because of the way I researched about the history of branding and looked up for a lot of inspiration.


I may have failed a little to send the right message to the audience for taking the risk of going a different route for Bleus logo.

My strengths where with the typography choice within the logo design, also presenting the logo’s in their simplistic forms. Making the logos look clean and sharp works well.

My weakness would have been that I didn’t look so deep into the methods of branding. I’m going to be doing a little more researching into branding in my spare time.

My logo may have been experimented with a little more and I should have experimented more with my other options as that I think a couple of them may have turned out better.

I found my time keeping skills were well set out. I’m going to start a strict routine of blogging at least once a day.

I found my analysis on both parts of the briefs were done well and the brief itself felt so much like a real life situation.

I should have researched more like I said before, I will be researching into methods of branding but I think I got all of it together though.

I drew conclusion to the project by gathered my research and analysed it. I had to relate the research to my project, how branding works and how it fits into design and marketing is a huge key to understand and is always changing so you’ll never stop learning new ways of type.

I learnt from my mistakes, instead of evaluating my own work as I went along, I involved others as well to get an outside and professional point of view.

I blogged about my progress frequently and documented mostly everything I done. Although I could blog a little more on typography but I feel I have done enough.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was the design part and looking into other brands and seeing how they progressed to be so successful. I didn’t really have a part of the project that I didn’t enjoy.

Working with the software quick was my strong point. I love using computers for graphical designs.

Overall I enjoyed this project a lot and I wish I’d put more time into it. Also there was an issue once I printed my finals with the leading and the alignment on a few parts of the project.


Final PDF’s


Here are all the links to my ready to print documents.









Business card and Letterhead for myself


In this post it contains my designs for both my business card and letterhead. The font I decided to use for my brand was a font that I had got from work experience that I had in the summer called RFHUnica which has three different varieties, light, medium and bold.


If I were to have an office I’d place the address in the gap on the back of the card, but for the time being it works fine as white space and balances out the content.

Below is my letterhead for my freelancing. I chose to place a footer to even out the colours on the top of the page. It is also professional to leave behind other contact details at the bottom so I decided to place them in the footer. The icons I used for the telephone, email and website are used to show that I prefer illustration over text and icons do liven things up. The icons are from a font group called FontAwesome.


In the next blog post I will be attaching high quality PDF’s to preview.

Development on my Logo


This was now the time to take from the sketch book and move over to the big screen. While sketching out a few ideas and looking back at my old sketches I decided to try something a little new with my signature as it looks rather pants at the moment as that I write it up when I was about twelve years old and I couldn’t have cared less back then! A few weeks before this brief I was thinking about doing so anyways and I had experimented different ways for a signature. As you saw in my recent sketches there was further more experimentation with some scribbles and I’m pretty keen on one from the sketch book that I’ve whipped up in illustrator using my drawing tablet (Was the easiest and quickest way I thought of doing this process). I then touched up upon a few rough edges to give it a nice flow motion to the right.


I then went along to using it as an element in one of my logo ideas which was to do my signature starting in a box to then finish outside of the box to represent that I am one to think outside the box, I thought this worked well because of that reason. Giving the box an outline instead of a fill gave it more of a clean look and with the golden gradient finish it makes the logo look professional though I still didn’t feel keen with it and it doesn’t really relate to my previous logo.


Now here I took the same approach I had a few months ago by taking the initials of Hilton Design and experimenting with them. I took the two and merged them together into one shape and divided the colour to then divide the two letters. Furthermore into experimentation I placed the signature within the shape to slice the object in half using the divide tool on pathfinder. Without the signature dividing the shape made it look too dull and bold, don’t get me wrong I’d love it to be bold and that is the aim but bold AND DULL is not a good combination!


I no longer felt the need to keep the grey areas of the logo as that it kind of hides the D and doesn’t make it so noticeable, doing so worked a treat and also made the signature fall off the shape which goes back to my first design at the beginning of this post that I think outside the box and there are no limits for my imagination (Showing the signature breaking free from the shape).


Now that I feel happy with the design in black and white it was now time to bring colours into play. These colours had to represent my personality and characteristics. The colours I chose were colourful and slightly vibrant to show that i’m an easily approached, kind and open minded free lancer who’s not afraid to not follow a crowd full of such basic ideas also the colours represent happy music such as dance music, hip hop and others. Below is the finalised version of my logo.




Letterhead for Bleu


Originally with the letterhead I wanted the logo to have a low opacity and to be falling off the page but I feel this only works well with rounded logos or rough edged logos. As this logo is pretty clean and consists of a few simple shapes I thought it’d be neat to tuck it nicely in the top left corner of the document. This helps the document stand professional, I also included the contact details at the bottom which were also aligned to the left hand side of the page. The only thing that should be on the right hand side is the address of the sender. The reason to why the text in the footer is not as visible is that it may distract the reader as that it’s not the most important part of a letter.


Branding me!


Right so I have in fact already branded myself with my logo for Hilton Design though I do feel the need to change it so for the project I’m going for a redesign or maybe just a revamped version of my old logo.

Though branding isn’t just all about designing a logo that looks nice, I will be having to find my inner self to pick out hobbies, how I work, what work I do and a few other facts about myself. like the brief said this is going to be fairly hard and also if I’m honest with my very own logo I’d want to spend a hell of a lot more time on it.

So this logo has to represent the style I work in and also my characteristics. I find myself a funny, kind and respecting guy and am also very open minded who will always think outside the box in any occasion. My hobbies are keeping fairly fit, producing music, photography and designing all sorts for adverts, businesses and others.

My work can vary between being fairly complex to being very simplistic. I feel a simplistic approach will show me in a right way, I want to go with fairly bright colours to show that I think out of the box and that I’m ready to take risks that can be successful with clients to explore a new type of new design. The colours will also represent my music taste so the logo will have a personal approach. I’m going to make sure that these colours are good for print and most importantly web use.

Below is my current logo. This is what I will be revamping.


Complementary slip for Bleu


In this post I will be showing my simple yet effective complementary slip. This needed to be simple as that a compliment slip is something people put some kind of feedback on, so it shouldn’t be busy at all and should have a fair amount of free space.


The red wave shape was to balance out the colour on the slip as that there is a fair amount of blue within the logo. Also I used a grey colour for the text throughout the whole project so it’s not so harsh on the background.

Business Card Development and Final for Bleu


I’m going to be showing here my business card for my celebrity. The fonts used here are the same as the logo font but are not curved and are not in bold apart from his name on the back of the card. The colours I used are from the style sheet I created for Bleu and have an opacity of 50% as seen in the stylesheet.

I wanted to make the business card simple and easy to read with minimum distractions for the viewer. It also includes a QR code that links to his soundcloud so clients can quickly access and listen to his sounds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel it stands out a little more with the waved effect background, though without it it does look more professional. But I need to make it stand out to give off good vibes like his music.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel I’ve made the right choice with colours and opacity levels to get rid of the dullness.

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