Here I have designed a few ideas on a logo and will be talking through how i created them. Designing these logo’s carried through two to three days whenever I had the spare time. I also thought to listen to Bleu’s album while putting these together.


Here i thought taken from one of my sketches would look appealing but I feel it gives off the wrong kind of message. I had experimented with the stars placing them in different locations though it just didn’t look right and looked too pop music like.


This probably is one of my favourite ones out of the lot as that using his initials to create a sort of emblem it works great because as soon as you look at this you see the B then you look further and you can see the E attached to the B. styling this logo the way I have also gives a personal touch to bleu as that he used to love sports and this kind of has a sporty feel to it in my opinion. Also he wears baseball caps in a majority of his photos and I can see this logo on one of them for him to maybe merchandise.


Here I managed to use white space to a huge advantage, as you can see this is the devil horns hand gesture and the fingers that are not sticking up show the letter E which is the first letter in Bleu’s second name so it works out incredibly well. The problem with this however is that it does in fact send off the wrong message giving away a false genre to his music and this means I will not be using this and another which is shown below for the same reason.



Like the second one this is great for the same reasons though it could be very easily misread to show two E’s instead of his initials. also th B is upside down but by this point I can see that this won’t work as a logo anyhow.