I’ve been doing furthermore experimenting to try and get more of a strong looking logo for Bleu before I move over to Illustrator,  I’ve brung in colours of his national flag, icons that represent his style of music now that I have listened to a few of his songs I have more of an idea on how to image him. I think his music is alright and rather catchy, it has a good balance of rock and country elements within some of his songs.

Here are the old sketches along with some new ones.


I thought it may be useful to use the rock hand symbol to represent his style of music though I feel this may come across too strong to heavy rock. I also was looking as using a type font that looks like a cable which would maybe connect to an amp? Also like the Marshall brand I was experimenting on using a hand written font on top of a real life amp.

Ideas are still flowing through my mind at the moment but I feel the need to take this on to the computer screen to digitalise these ideas to a professional manner.