To get more of an understanding of branding I thought it would be best to do a little research finding a few well known successful brands which we all know and love. This will consist over a few blogs as that I want to search deep into how of a few of these brands started up. All these brands that i’m listing are all very recognisable and as soon as you see them you know exactly who they are.

First will be a few type based logos.

With these logos the typography is so powerful that they don’t even need any kind of illustration to stand out but even if they wanted to they could and it would stand out even greater!

Now I will be looking at a few brands that use illustration in their logos.

Here you can kind of see that these brands typography is rather basic, this is where their illustration kicks in so that their audience can recognise them easier. Let’s take adidas for example, if we were to see a piece of clothing with three lines close together printed on to it you’d automatically assume that is an item from adidas.

Anyway I’m going to be going into more detail in my next couple of blogs on a few of these brands such as Shell and Apple.

*All images in this blog are sourced from the worldwide web*