Branding is one of the most common requirements for graphic designers and there’s far more to branding than designing just a quick logo. The aims of this assessment are to afford me the opportunity to develop my design and typography via the field of branding. During this module I will be exploring what a brand is and how that is developed visually as a means to represent a person or company’s values.

This assignment consists of two parts, one part being that I am to develop the branding of a given celebrity picked at random. The aim of the project is to design a branding that will project a positive image of the given person. It is important that I create my branding in a way that I’d believe the celebrity would wish to be portrayed rather than how I’d feel about them. I must be sure to heavily research around the topic of branding and personal promotion with a view to demonstrating the key concepts regarding branding.

I will have to have produced a logo, letterhead, business card and compliment slip by the deadline which is in three weeks. These items are to be of standard size. I will also produce a style guide for my client and this will include instructions as to how the logo, typeface(s) and colour systems are to be used. I’m also needed to consider the making or visualising of a promotional item. Again, I will need to research these.

The second part of the assignment will be using the skills and knowledge developed in the first part of the module, I will then have to apply this to the development of self-promotional materials, essentially self-branding.

This may be difficult as being both client and designer can be problematic in terms of remaining objective. It is essential that I consider the audience that I’m going to intend to address and be able to explain how I know my design to be appropriate for communicating with the professional design community. The deliverables of this part will consist of a logo, letterhead and business card.

The brief is also strongly saying that typography is a must, obviously as that is part of my type portfolio.