To start of my production with this punctuation mark I had to choose a font that would be easy to work with and easy to read. I chose a very simple one which was Arial Black so it was big, bold and easily read. I started by simply started by putting in a question mark and increasing the size so it was easy to edit. I also expanded the object to experiment with the anchor points.

Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.07.32Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.07.12

Here you can see that I drew in another line to infuse with the question mark once I had flipped it. Below you can see how it’s coming together a little more, I gave it a flick kind of feel to show that its more natural compared to other punctuation marks.

Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.04.10Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.03.56

Here I felt the need to add another dot to the symbol to make it look even less serious than it already is to show that its sarcastic. Next I will be showing how I’m going to be displaying it and why I’m doing it in that way.