Here I am going to be showing you a few ideas that I had in mind for my punctuation brief. I wanted to create some good ideas instead of sketching up a load of random ones as that I wanted to take some great care into how my punctuations would work in this day and age.

Nowadays the younger generation are relying on emojis through texting and social media though you cannot put an emoji in a piece of professional writing as that it wouldn’t work one bit! So I thought that maybe I could transfer some of these emojis we use on an everyday basis and turn them into a simple but effective punctuation mark.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 15.57.56

Urgent action needed

This punctuation is to clearly identify a part of a conversation that is extremely important. This will reduce the need and use of exclamation marks.

Rhetorical question mark

I was thinking that this would be useful for books and articles for when the audience feel as if they’re being given a question to answer but they actually don’t need to.

Thought bubbles/ marks

This again would be mostly used in books to inform the audience that the current character is thinking about.

Sarcasm mark

The sarcasm mark will work just as how it is called. Its hard to identify when someone is being sarcastic so using this will help people understand each other while communicating through technology and not face to face as that you can usually only sense sarcasm through an individual’s tone of voice. With this design I wanted to take the simple question mark and flip it upside down and make it look slightly jokerish.

The one that I am going to be going with is the Sarcasm mark as that it will work out really well in our vocabulary as I said it will help people understand one another just a little more.