While doing some research into the gym I had noticed that they specialise in boxing and they do a lot of activities and get into a fair amount of competitions. I thought it would be a good idea to look into some boxing brands and seeing what style they use within their typography.


Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.20.43

Lonsdale use a font similar to a font that I’m familiar with known as Maxxi Serif. The font is very bold and stands out a lot. Using the technique known as the bulge effect enhances the brand even more. The use of an icon (The Lion) and the small text below (LONDON) balances out the colours within the logo and the weight from top to bottom.


Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.21.24

What I have realised with these brands that I am looking at is that they all seem to use a serif font and all seem to use the bulge effect to kind of broad out the name. Unlike the Lonsdale logo the lower section of the first letter does not drag across the whole name to separate the different areas of the logo. Also there is no colour within the logo though it still works well and is just as effective as it would be with colour.


Screenshot 2016-05-30 22.25.12

With the Tapout logo I find it looks incredibly disportioned and has taken the bulge effect a little too far. It looks too busy and doesn’t come across easy to read. It also hasn’t used a serif font unlike the others. The font is still huge and stands out a lot but I feel it won’t work well for a place that not only offers boxing but a gym too trying to attract both genders.

I feel like I want to adapt my logo mostly to the lonsdale logo and try to modernise it enough to show that the gym is a friendly environment to both male and female and all ages. As I go there myself for the gym I never see many females nor older people, if they change their style slightly then it would attract more clients for all the services they include.