If you think detail such as typography won’t influence how consumers view a particular brand, you should think twice. Typography is nothing short of an extension of the brand’s voice and tone yet many marketers and web designers choose to ignore it and settle for classics like Times or Verdana. Here I will be showing the most significant reasons as to why typography is such a huge part of a branding strategy.

It reflects brand personality

Typography communicates the style, tone and voice of your brand, pretty much it’s a brands entire personality. Unique typography conveys a clear message about your brand as one that cares about details and has a strong appreciation for aesthetics. Type has personality. Show me someone who disagrees, and I’ll show you someone who’s the walking embodiment of Times New Roman. Picking the right typeface means picking one that imbues your program with the right feeling. The choice begins between serif and sans serif.

It looks professional

Body text written in Times or Comic Sans will send one simple message that this brand is unprofessional. This negative feeling will be extended to a brands products and services too, that’s probably the last thing you want.

It helps your brand to be consistent

The same font and typeface in both digital and paper marketing materials will help your brand image resonate stronger with your clients. A characteristic typography can become a feature to enable consumers to immediately recognize your brand.

It helps consumers to remember your brand

In both logos and text bodies, typography can become integrated with your brand in the public imagination. It can be about shape, but also about colour, take cue from Kinder and their characteristic red and black logo that gets repeated on all products and is now present in the consumer imagination.

It’s there to set the right tone

Typography will help you create the right atmosphere and invoke a set of associations you want consumers to have with your brand. Whether you go for eccentric and playful or serious and reliable, your brand values can be reinforced with the right typographic setting.

It creates a context for your brand

Every type style has its own unique history and you can use this to your advantage to situate your brand within a context your target audience will appreciate. Use it wisely. A typography that alludes to the classic print ads from the 1950’s will push a brand identity in a completely different direction than a type style inspired by graffiti tags on the subway.

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