As that project is interlinked into a Type portfolio I will be basing my logo more around Typography than Illustration.

So the brief that I have made up is the following. A local well known gym (Assassins gym) is looking at rebranding. They say that their client base needs to increase and feels as if the way that they’ve branded themselves have been a bit too boyish and want a good look for both male and female customers. They offer their members all sorts, they obviously have a gym that offers personal trainers, kickboxing, thai boxing, boxing, etc. They’ve also released their own clothing line that will also be rebranded.

They want an old school boxing feel to their new logo with some kind of resemblance common brands such as reebok, adidas etc. I will be sharing my thoughts on what road they should take on how the new logo should look like and will be following a typographic route to get to the finishing product.

Just to mention again this is a fake brief.