“This photography shoot was based on how nature reacts with weather based in East Sussex. I wanted to catch natures ugliness and make it look more as a beauty of nature by combining the weather with the forest.

Within this photo I have focused on moss that grows on trees. I didn’t want to capture a full tree so instead I captured something that looked as if it was not habitable for animals unlike the other photo with full grown trees in a group.

Even though the weather wasn’t great as the sun never came out and I had to wait around for a while to capture this shot I was pleased with the colours, lighting and angle of the final shot.”

“This photo was taken on a different day when the sun was just about to set. With this photo I wanted to make it as if the photo wasn’t taken here in England.

Without the natural lighting hitting the trees at a certain angle made the trees not look so appealing to the eye during the day. I wanted to wait and experiment throughout the day looking at different angles of natural lighting.

I wanted to also test out different techniques with the camera. The decision was that I would use the fisheye effect. The reason being is that it enhances what I wanted to focus on which were the trees.”