Here I am going to be showing the photos that I’ve considered for my DPS. I will also be explaining why I chose them and not some of the others.


I like this ground shot as that it captures a different perspective of a forest, up close and personal with a lot of detail to it. Though there isn’t too much colour unfortunately but you can see some parts of yellow the deeper you look into the photo.


This one is a good one as it catches your eye with the bright yellow flowers in the centre of the photo. It also shows the climate within the area, slightly dark and gloomy but then is lightened up with the flowers, bringing forward that nature is beauty.


This works out as good landscape shot covering a wide section of the forest, there’s also colour to it despite the gloomy weather. I also like the way that the tree at the front is rather unique and is the only one like that within the wide shot.


This is probably my favourite out of the lot as that the angle works really well and brightens up the photo more. It also has a lot to it and I like the way that I focused on to the tree stump which had a little moss on it. There’s a fair amount of colour in it aswell and it blurs up through the photo too which I feel is a real cool effect.

With these photos I did like them though I found that they kind of where a bit too over the top with the bright colours, though as landscapes of the forest they did work well in that offer.

I feel that I have made a choice on what photos out of these lot to use and I will start to create my double page spreads next!

*All photos are copyright protected*