So I’ve thought long and hard on which photos I like from the London trip and here I will be showing you my favourite out of the bunch! I will be explaining why I chose them and why I didn’t choose some of the others.


I do like this shot because of the angle it’s been taken. The problem is though is that the focus is completely wrong, I wanted to focus on the raindrops colliding with the puddle. I did take a few more shots like this though this I feel was the best one apart from the focus issue.


I like this photo as it’s slightly mesmerising though it can also be slightly boring and not so much unique. Maybe I should have tried this shot with a low shutter speed but I unfortunately didn’t think of that at the time.

With these two I prefered the one to the left due to the lighting and exposure. The one on the right looks really gloomy as it captured the weather more than the buildings around the area. The one to the left makes the image slightly more friendly and makes the buildings stand out more as that I manually focused my camera to the buildings.


So here is a photo that I had took from inside the Crystal museum, I liked the way I captured this photo from an angle which made the type “Waste” stand out really well with a slight blur to the background. I wasn’t so sure about the damaged metal cutouts though for “Waste” so I decided to take it over to photoshop to touch up a few areas with the spot healing tool. Below is the result and does in fact look better.


There are also a few others underneath from the museum that I liked a lot but it didn’t really fit into the brief specs. I liked these due to the angle and simplicity. With a little editing to them they would look great to show others what the museum is all about.

Finally I really liked this photo I captured which is so simple but looks wicked in my opinion and looks rather unique I think.


I feel that I may be leading to doing my environmental choice on my other trip as I feel this choice may be a bit too generic. But I will decide on that once I’ve analysed through my other photos.

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