Like in all of my other projects I have done I decided to look about for some inspiration on how my double page spreads. I had to find ones which suited my environment well and had to look professional. I wanted to look at how both the type and imagery is put together and laid out. I also wanted to have a look on how the photo’s may have been edited though I’m not sure if I would be allowed to edit my photos. So let’s take a look at a few I have found, I found that these were fairly hard to find.


I like the way this one is laid out with the image spread across the whole page with the text over the top tucked away neatly in the bottom left corner. You can tell that the photo is edited due to the colours being very vibrant. The only problem with the page is that the text is fairly hard to read as it slightly clashes with the colours of the photo.


The same with the previous DPS with the layout of the photo being spread across the whole page works well. instead of tucking the text in the bottom left corner they have placed it in the top right corner. I’m not too much a fan again of the text and there are a few kerning issues up there, thought the mix of different fonts kind of work well.


Unlike the other examples this is more based on a fitness page but I do like parts of the layout such as the use of different sizes of fonts. The photos kind of work well together with the use of borders to separate them more.


This one is probably my favourite out of the ones that I have picked out. The reason why is because it looks neat and tidy and also the photo itself is pretty epic! By the looks of things the photographer possibly had enhanced parts of the photo using Adobe Lightroom. I like the way that the text is placed within speech marks to show more that it is actually someone talking about the piece of work, also there is a small photo of the photographer with a little bit about him (where he is from, national flag and Name) this may look nice in my DPS in which I will be experimenting with soon.

Without looking at these I believe that my DPS’s may have looked a little worse than how I would want them to look like seeing as I hadn’t really seen many double page spreads based on photographers. I feel I will keep looking back at these while I work to get the right look throughout the whole process.