So I’ve decided to go to a local destination known as the Ashdown forest to take a few photos of the scenery. This will be my second load of photos as well as the others that I have already taken in London.

Here I am going to be looking at a few photos from the internet that have given me some thoughts on how my photos may look like and what they shouldn’t look like. I will be writing a little bit about each photo the pros and cons (PMI’s).


In this photo I like the way it’s an up close shot of a few bamboo sticks and taking from a low angle. The only issue with this photo though in my opinion is that it has a similar colour to it all the way through, it’s not a huge problem though it does frustrate me a little. The photo feels a little planned but sometimes thats a good thing, also I like the way it has focused towards two to three areas within the image.


I like this photo as it’s very simplistic but captures nature’s ugliness and turns it around to look like one of nature’s beauties. I also like the way it slightly blurs out in the top right corner which is due to natural lighting. I don’t like that there is a fence within the photo seeing as it doesn’t help to make the photo focus on nature and like the previous photo it again is all kind of one colour.

Temperate Rainforest

The same as the previous photo it turns ugly into beauty but still is boring with the colours within. The objects in the photo all clash I feel, there needs to be areas that should separate the colours. Though the natural light helps out in this photo changing the brightness throughout the photo.


With this photo there are two separate main colours which works well especially from a ground shot. I like how it focuses on a small patch of stones though they do feel rather bland and the photographer could have focused on something that may stand out a lot more.


Though the quality is terrible I do like the simplicity of the photo as it makes the empty tree really stand out and you can feel what time of the day it is just by looking at the photo. The angle of the shot is very basic but still works well. There’s also a good balance of colour though the photo is a little empty on the top left.


I like the way this photo captures an animal within a secluded area of a forest. Though the angle doesn’t really capture that very well, maybe a close up shot may have worked out a little better! Again the colours are the same which I understand as most colours stay similar in one particular environment. There is also a blur on the bush to the left due to maybe the weather, this makes the image quality look bad but also makes the photo look like it hadn’t been planned to shoot.

This exercise has helped me prepare myself on how my photos should and shouldn’t look like, to be honest I’m not so much a fan of any of the photos above but some of them do have little things in them which justify them a little.