Here are the 2 final versions of our poster, one landscape and one portrait.



In the end we decided to go with the portrait version. As we thought it was more eye catching and the page layout worked a lot better, it looked a lot neater and was much more easier to navigate through from top to bottom keeping it very simple. The eye naturally starts with the title, then the intro paragraph and then the icons. We also thought it worked better as we spoke more about the positive parts of producing new paper, giving the poster a balance of good and bad points. We did consider that the folds may have an impact on our new portrait design though after testing folding some poster thickness paper over some text we found out that it doesn’t affect the text too much so we decided that it would be fine like I brought up in a post earlier on. Our design links to ethics for designers as we are asking the question should we be promoting and even be using recycled paper with the knowledge that it isn’t actually as good as they say it is to the environment.