I felt the need that we should experiment with our poster design and decided to focus on experimenting with colour of the icons and text.

With the paragraph we decided that we wanted to make the negative words stand out more than the other words, to start this off we made them slightly larger.


We then developed this by changing the colour as well as the size of the negative words. This made them stand out even more so we decided that this version would work the best.


To link in with the colour red that we had just used on the type we tried making the chemicals from the toxic barrels red too, but we did not think that this worked and it just looked like blood, this change was recommended by someone from the outside. Although it looked negative as a group we decided that the green looked better with the other icons.


To make the paper stacks work better with our other icons we lowered the stroke to match some of the and also added lines onto the pages to indicate that it was used paper being recycled.

Finally we wanted to use the idea of colour representing positive and negative aspects of the information on our new poster which will be shown in the next blog post. To do this we  used green on some type. For example below we had tree farming in green as it is a good thing and deforestation in red as that it’s a bad act against the environment.

tree deforestationinfographpt1infographpt2

Experimenting with these colours really helped develop our poster for the better and made it a much more successful and an easier to understand infographic.