In this project I am to consider editorial design, looking especially at the combinations of imagery and typography. I have to spend time looking at grids and how they are apparently used to underpin the layout of pages for magazines and books.
I am to take a series of your photographs that fit the topic Environment.

How I choose to do this project is entirely up to me. It may be that I make a series of images specifically about a particular environment or space, such as a room or home, or it may be about The Environment, including weather or issues of ecology.
I’m going to be aiming on presenting in my blog at least 40 photographs.

I am to design two layouts for some double page spreads for a fictional magazine called, Photography Now. The layouts should showcase my own photography on the Environmental topic. I’m most likely to do one or possibly two photos per spread though the choice is completely mine. The format of the pages are going to be 200mm x 200mm per single page. I am able to design in any creative style that I wish, based on my research findings which I am going to evidence. I am only allowed to use InDesign for my layout which I am not fussed about as that’s what I was expecting to use.

I will have to have created a body of research and planning for my photos. I will show links between this and my editorial layout. I will need to have a body of photography work completed fairly quickly.

I will need to have created a body of research in which I shall explore examples of editorial design. I will be commenting on styles used and will evidence links between this and my layout.

I will also have to write and layout within your spreads, a piece of text of between 200 and 400 words. This will be a personal justification of  how I approached my photos. I’m going to consider and use appropriate application of typography to set this text.